Random Post

The weekend was very well spent with a bunch of us making a trip to the Quli Khan’s Tomb at Qutub Minar for the “Dharohar” Sufi concert as a part of the Times Delhi Festival.

The show featured Gazi Khan Barna and the Manganiyars from Rajasthan. They were magical at times with the Khartal and Dhol jamming bit, and the Dam Mast Kalandar being the highlights of their performance. Also, the actual Rajasthani version of the famous Nimbuda song was done brilliantly.

Next in line was the hyped event of the night. The performance by Kailasa, a band led by Kailash Kher. They put up a pretty nice and feet tapping show. The best from their end was the rendition of Tere Bin Nahi Lagda, Saiyaan and another medley jiska lyrics I don’t remember.

Anyways the folks were hungry before he came to the end and his best songs (Allah ke Bande, etc.). But pretty damn good anyways. The location looked brilliant with the lighting an stuff, and the fact that it was free was that much better 🙂

Meanwhile, Questionable Content, a comic I have become addicted to, has come to pretty interesting phase. It seems that Faye is starting to loosen up and that means only one thing. More fun!