The week that was…

Some highlights from the first academic week at ISB: The profs are really good, and their ability to keep the class engaged for a couple of hours amazing. All that talk about international profs is true I guess. I was very skeptical about my ability to stay awake in classes, but I have managed that […]

I am back

… after a brief hiatus. I have been away for almost a month, mostly due to increased work load. But I am firmly and surely back again. I recount below some of the more interesting things that have happened over the past month. 1. BarCamp Delhi 4 was attended. It was my first BarCamp and […]

The Day The Music Died

A quiz, sent by Sandeepan (ex-BITSian) yesterday, had a connect for Don McLean with American Pie and Vincent Van Gogh. While I figured outthe Vincent connect, Ojas knew the American Pie one. But February made me shiver, With every paper I’d deliver, Bad news on the doorstep… I couldn’t take one more step. I can’t […]

Quiz Actually!

Please do not blame me. This is the title the PR dept came up with for an intra-company quiz contest. The elims were held yesterday. 30 questions (provided at the end), 30 minutes, 25 teams and 5 finalists to be chosen. The elims was fun and I hope a sign of things to come. Prepared […]