Raghu Dixit – Music Review

Got my Raghu Dixit CDs on Friday and have been listening to them ever since. Here is quick and dirty review. Overall, as a friend said, “They seem to be influenced a lot by Indian Ocean & Euphoria.”

  1. Hey Bhagwan – Nice song. Already had it and love it.
  2. Mysore se aayi – Feet tapping and fast paced song. Again I already had it and love it.
  3. Gudgudiya Sedi Nodo – The best song of the CD!! The song is fast and the lyrics very nice 🙂
  4. Ambar – I had first heard this song in Delhi, and the song has grown on me since.
  5. Khidki – Not that great musically, but nice lyrics.
  6. No man will ever love you like I do – Brilliant lyrics!
  7. I am in Mumbai – Brilliant song – last heard it in Pilani.
  8. Soruthudu Maniya Maligi – Slight blues effect on the song. Nice feel to it. Again, like Gudugudiya, attributed to Shishunala Sharif.

All in all, a very nice debut album. And a def must get considering it costs you only 180 bucks (including shipping).

However, I expected Har Saans Mein to be on the CD, and also it to focus slightly on other group members. I know Raghu is the man behind the band but they do deserve some space on the CD.

PS: Read the comment by Gaurav Vaz, bassist RDP, on the focus bit above in the comments section below. Also, check out his photoblog for some pretty cool snaps.