The Resume Conundrum

This was supposed to be the easy part. However, after coming to ISB, I have realized that I am even below the baseline as far as having a so called good resume goes!!

Another thing is that business grads do not have any sense of aesthetics when it comes to resumes, and we are taught to cram in as much information into that single sheet as possible. It looks like a really badly printed novel. No thought is given to the readability of the entire document and the smallest size fonts are used. I was almost in tears when I saw one of the “better ones” from last year’s batch.

Sometimes I am saddened by this lack of any imagination that is ingrained into business grads. Though the entire MBA is one huge learning journey, I sometimes wonder if there is also a huge loss of creative thoughts in the entire process.

Apping Update

The schools have been shortlisted, and the real work begins with some 25 odd essays to be written. I am applying at a mix of schools ranked between 10 and 40 by FT – and the ranking was not my criteria. Though required, I am amazed at the kind of questions that schools frame for the essays. Anyways – the deadlines are approaching fast with most round one deadlines falling in October. I hope I can apply to as many in R1 as possible.

Meanwhile, the MBA apping process does give you some rude shocks. Explaining to someone else your achievements is a damn tough task. I thought I had a good profile, and yet when I got down to making my resume, I could not even fill a page!! [And I have heard of people who need to cut down :(]

Hoping that the final result is better 🙂