How to tackle sledging?

Offense as they say is the best defense. As Siddharth Ravindran puts it,

What would happen if the non-striking batsman started chatting to the bowler as he was about to commence his run-up? There would be a hell of a fuss, and on-field chatter would quickly cease to be a one-way street.

Totally agree with him.

Sledging from the crowd!!

From Cricinfo:

Message of the day: And just when Graeme Smith thought it couldn’t get any worse. Two South African fans, shirtless and no doubt fuelled with lager, took out a banner soon after lunch. “Smith: Hope you’d scored more with Minki [van der Westhuizen],” it said, a reference to his former girlfriend. So much for not kicking a man when he’s down, and out [for 5].

And you thought the Aussies were bad!!