LinkedIn Reccos

LinkedIn is a great professional networking tool. I have used it often to get answers to professional queries, and have also benefitted from the questions and answers posted by others.

However, I was checking up something today when I saw this strange trend where people reccomend someone else, and the same set of people reccomend them back. I mean no harm done, but its wierd when a person has 20 odd reccomendations and you notice that a majority of them are from the same people they have reccomended. It’s like you scratch my back, and I will scratch your’s.

Maybe LinkedIn should institute some method of highlighting such reccomendations. Any thoughts??

How to behave on the Web2.0?

Ever had a client add you on a social network, or wanted to do vice-versa, and did not know whether it would be appropriate?

Well, the nice folks over at Edelman have published a company policy for its employees, which can be accessed here. I must say that most organizations would agree with the policies, with minor modifications at best. Personally speaking too, I support the rules laid down by them.

Best of all, I like the last rule.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t also speak in a human voice.