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  • The post about Yahoo!

    So much has been said about Yahoo over the recent past, that it seems like a blessing in disguise for Twitter. The laundry list of senior execs leaving has not gone down well either. However, I do not agree with Mike Arrington when he says that Yahoo should have sold out to Microsoft. I have…

  • Yahoo integrates Del.icio.us – Finally!!

    I remember having a conversation with a Yahoo! friend of mine, a month and a half back,  in which we debated the integration of Del.icio.us bookmarks in Yahoo! Search results. Seems like it is finally happening. Yay!

  • Daily WTF

    Man sues Yahoo and Google for taking their names from the tribes he has descended from. A man currently being detained by immigration in Houston, TX has filed a lawsuit claiming Yahoo and Google stole their names from Tanzanian tribes. As luck would have it, the man is a descendant of both tribes – what…

  • Tech 2.0 sucks!

    Don’t you wonder who edits their front page headlines?