The weekend that was!!

So what did I do this weekend. if I list it out then it becomes pretty simple. A nice, and relaxed weekend. So I will actually list it out.

1. Watched Rashomon. Brilliant. Now I know why Balu kept on talking about this director. Simple plot. Brilliant narration. Awesome acting. And facial expressions that ermoves the language barrier. 5 on 5 to it.

2. Watched Baharain Grand Prix. Heartbroken. Schumi lost. But nice to see him back to where he belongs. Top of the lot. Must say that though Alonso is good, it is Kimi who I predict to take on Schumi this season. And the title will be closely fought for by the three.

3. Watched parts of Aus vs. RSA. Unbelieveable. 434 getting chased. Ponting must be actually wondering what went wrong. To me any ground with such short side boundaries arent good for one dayers. Bowlers were getting clobbered like crazy. Anything the batsmen touched most times reached the boundaries. But great chase none the less.

4. Watched Transamerica. Mixed it up with North Country but a very good movie none the less. Dragged Bansal along. He might still be cursing me 🙂 Traces a week in the life of a transexual, just before he is supposed to become a woman and he spends the week with his son. Great acting and a sensitive subject very well handled. Must watch. 4 on 5 to it.

5. Last but not the least. Attended a CII conference on Biotech. I must say that seeing the people in charge of the business in India, I was thoroughly disappointed and understood why no innovation has taken place in India in this field by the private sector. Their view is so narrow. One of the gentlemen said that Biotech is not IT (a very high poisition holding guy). Surely it isn’t. You people do not aim as high or world class as Premji or NRM or anyone else. They all kept cribbing about the high cost of infrastructure whereas one new discovery in the same field, could finance for them 10 new labs. Come on guys dream big. Only sane voice was that of a female (Ph.D. from NII) from Dabur Research Foundation (Dr Rama Mukherjee, Director). She said it was imperative that we look for more collaboration between the industry and the academia. Very well said since DRF is one such foundation. I talked to her after the conference (over some good lunch) and she did remember the project Dr Das was executing and I was proud member of the team. A def high for me 🙂







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