More equal than others!!

“Statistics are like a short skirts. They hide a lot more than they reveal.”

This is a quote that is used very often by cricket commentators and gurus. I am however baffled what these statistics reveal and hide. Sehwag in his last 50 innings (excluding todays) has scored 1381 runs at 28.77 with 7 fifties and a century. Ganguly on the other hand in his last 50 had scored 1403 at 30.50 with 10 fifties. Is there something that I dont understand about perform or perish policy of the indian selection committee?

Meanwhile, India keeps winning ODIs (from amazing situations) and losing out badly in Tests (ones that really matter).

Update: Meanwhile, Greg has this to say about Kaif and Sehwag. (All emphasis mine)

“Both Sehwag and Kaif are experienced players and both have been successful. They got have the skill that we need to have a good team. We will give them as many chances as we can and they need that.”

And this for Ganguly.

“Who knows? You can’t change the team all the time. We are looking for particular type of players to match the players that we already have and we are reasonably comfortable with that. I don’t think there will be wholesale changes.” (Read: Not while I am there. And Kiran More, of course.)






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