Anything yaar!!

Another trip.. another get together.. another blog!! From where the title has been flicked will be clearer in a bit.. the most relevant thing about it is that unlike other times when I’ve been to Hyd, there were no set plans made this time. We did things as and when we felt like it.. just about anything yaar!!

Anyways, to get to it.. I reached Hyd early morn and buzzed Sudeep and Thax.. who took their own sweet time getting to that “Paradise” place (Like lakdi ka pul usually, this time around, this drop-off point became the “we pass it every one hour place”… we kept going around it all the time!!) the bus had dropped me off. They came, I sat in the car after the hugs and we were off.

The first stop was Prasad’s where we wanted to get tickets for Woh Lamhe.. Goyal had said he wanted to watch it.. 2 reasons.. coz the review was good and coz he likes Kangana.. I suspect the ordering of those reasons was reversed though ;).. there weren’t any night shows, so we picked up tickets for 3:30 pm. We headed off to the airport after that for Goyal’s scheduled arrival but his plane decided to go around in circles for a bit. We didn’t wanna spend 120 bucks on the high-priced-as-usual airport parking and so we ended up in a bylane. The time here was spent mostly watching the tight security at a nearby ICICI bank building stopping anyone and everyone from entering. We also went for a small walk during which Sudeep commented, “gaon jaisi smell aa rahi hai”.. Thax interjected, “yeh gobar ki smell hai”.. we sheepishly smiled, us 3 nalaayak-city-waalas and turned about :)..

We had a discussion on whether we should leave this dude and push off.. all our points were in favour except for one vetoing factor.. he was getting sweets!! Thax tried calling Goyal (for the 17th time) and actually got through now. Goyal’s plane had just landed and we drove into the airport to pick him up. On reaching the terminal, we found that we were much faster than the slow, ambling, lazy-assed Goyal (I’ll be killed for this adjective-filled description!!).. we obviously still didn’t wanna park (things don’t change in 15 min!), we went about for a round again.. 5 min later, we returned and he still hadn’t gotten out of the terminal (see the description above).. but this we decided to stop in one of the outlanes (not the parking lot, mind you!).. after a search for Accenture/HSBC billboards and a stare from a passing police van, Goyal finally reached.

For obvious reasons, we were more interested in the dodha and the laddoos.. Goyal made some phone calls to meet some junta and Sudeep ended up fixing his plans for him. Can you please also add confused to the list of Goyal adjectives.. coz he really was at this point. Which is probably why we later found out that this particular phone call person (if you ever get to this blog, you’ll know who you are!!) was more interested in meeting the “shayad maine life mein thodi jaldi kar di” Sudeep ;). If I may add here, we’ve also found out that Sudeep is major eye-candy for all the babes in his CAT class in Hyd (oh wait, that’s an oxymoron.. there are no babes in Hyd.. the only good looking women are up on the billboards!!).. This was the first time any of us had flown IndiGo, so we wanted Goyal’s feedback on how the airline was.. “The air hostesses are quite pretty” (He’s a smart (ok ok, you can add that to the adjective list too) chap, comes to the point quickly ;)).. in particular, he liked one named Madonna.. he didn’t quite explain what he liked though.. the name.. or the name-tag!

Let me take a diversion here.. coz there are a few things to point out.. first of all, Ankit, you’ll be very sad to know that the revered Stanza billboard no longer exists.. in Sudeep’s words.. “dekhte sab the khareedta koi nahi tha”.. the second thing is that I haven’t even made it past a couple of hours of the trip yet.. this is gonna be one long blog.. and finally, one of the pleasures of writing a blog is that you get to trip everyone else without a chheeta on your own kurta ((Mu-wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (The evil laugh!)) Remind me to turn off commenting on this blog once done!!)

Also.. the roads in Hyd are really screwed up right now.. Though Thax says, “har saal aisa hota hai monsoon mein and har saal ban jaati hai”.. the Civil engineer in me rightreously asks, “Why don’t they fix it such that monsoon has no effect?!!”.. The Comps engineer smirks and asks, “Reeaaalllyyy??!!! Why don’t you help them with it??” That shuts the Civil engineer up and the Comps engineer goes back to wondering what he should do about the kickass salary some people seem to be getting in Hyd!!

Anyways, let’s get back.. we now drove over to (Sudeep and Thax)’s place (with a stopover at a place where the rest of us had juice without ice and Sudeep had ice without juice!).. Hi-hello with Varun happened.. and after about an hour of laccha, Goyal headed out to meet junta while we decided we’ll write CDs.. (every trip has it’s own music and it’s own songs!!) 2 audio CDs were compiled.. one Hindi and one English.. and then the time came for naming ceremony.. My “kya title daaloon” query was duly answered by Sudeep’s “anything yaar”.. and so we have it.. 2 CDs compiled on 30 September 2006.. called “Anything Yaar”.. as apt a title as there ever has been!!

We had plans to go out for lunch.. but we were too lazy to get up and bathe until it was too late.. so we ordered in Pizzas.. Thax was pretty sure we won’t be able to finish ‘em but we did. And then a quick plan was made to buy speakers for Sudeep’s comp (it also needs more songs dude!!).. we headed for this place called Computer Market, which is on Park Lane, behind MG Road (Quite a search happened for it.. as can perhaps be guessed by the detail with which I remember the location!!).. anyways, it was totally worth it.. coz Sudeep got himself this really SEXY Altec Lansing sound system.. totally cool.. and absolutely brilliant for blasting music 😀

Quite the driving happened after that.. and we reached for movie just in time. Goyal wasn’t there yet (he came in about 20 min into the movie) and so we entered the hall without him. The movie is decent though all of us agreed the end spelled out too much. And we’d really have liked it to be more subtle.. By the end of it, we had quite a few names for lead actress.. Kangana Oh-The-Eyes, Kangana I-Don’t-Like-Pants, Kangana Weird-Accent and KPS Thakur (yeah right!!!!) are a few examples :))

The next one hour was spent blasting Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai at full volume in the car.. all of us agree that Hindi movie music is moving up in this world.. and we ended up at Eat Street. We wanted to take a fast boat ride (the weather at this point was awesome.. very windy and chindi-chindi bearish once in a while) but things got screwed as they were only allowing 3 people per boat. So we went to this rooftop seating area and put lachha. The period here was marked in particular by flying menu sheets!! Thax warned us that the food is very crappy.. so we just ordered a paav-bhaji and a masala dosa to be shared between all of us.. and it ended up being awesome!! Which was very symbolic of Thax’s opinions the whole of this trip. Whenever he told us that the parking lot was on the left, it ended up being on the right. Even the law of averages fails when it comes to Thax!!

We had an are-we-or-are-we-not-hungry discussion after that and ended up at Ohri’s for chaat. The dahi-vadas and aaloo-tikkis we ordered were absolutely awesome and we had our stomach full. We also met Mehul in the meanwhile and convince Fundoo to come over with us to our place for the night. He carried his laptop along and we spent sometime watching his IIM pics and videos. As we were scrolling through the videos, the “Sutta” tune was heard. We were all obviously very curious to see if some dude actually sang it on stage. So we rewinded to figure it out.. Well, he did.. but all the X-rated stuff had been replaced with “na-na-na-na-na”.. 🙂

Least Count followed (with beer in hand for Goyal and me).. though we didn’t play much thanks to Sudeep’s “I was just taking risks”.. a show of Hyderabadi Nawabs movie followed and I fell asleep some 10 min into it. The big contribution as far as the movie is concerned, is the word “mastan” which has entered all of our vocabs.. the last 2 letters phonetically resemble “wahan” and not “mahan”.. Hindi becomes a phunny language when written in English 😀

The next morning, I was woken up by a phone call from Ankit.. the most interesting part of the call occurred when he asked Thax whether he wanted anything from the US. The quick reply back was “Victoria’s Secret” =)).. I’ve no idea what he’d do with that but the rest of us just settled for catalogs!! We went off to Dundigal after that.. it was an eventful drive, with one truck almost killing us and us almost killing a truck driver :D.. but it was soon forgotten as Aunty served us a brilliant lunch.. we had lots of cake.. Schumi won an action packed race.. it was a very satisfying afternoon. Uncle took us on a round of the Airforce academy, we clicked pics of MIG 25s and SAMs and other whatnot.. very very cool!!!

As we headed out of Dundigal, we had no idea what to do next.. following the anything yaar philosophy, we decided to go for a show of Fast & Furious – III.. there was some time to kill before that, so we thought we’d pay a visit for the Birla temple. After major honking in the parking lot, we began our Birla centric expedition in the Science museum first. It was quite bad, especially when compared to the gem we have at Pilani :D.. the journey from the parking lot here to the museum was highlighted by the major honking as well (some shouting too this time!!).. and finally we ended up at the temple. Beautifully made, the temple was very neat.. and quick tour that we took was totally worth it!! To the movie now, and it was very crappy.. the drifting was cool initially but when we realized that the movie had nothing other than the drifting, it seemed stupid!!

Dinner happened post the movie at “Our Place”.. a joint treat Sudeep and Thax that Sudeep conned Thax into ;).. the ambience of excellent. We somehow ended up at a crappy corner table.. Goyal and I were still ok with it, but Sudeep and Thax weren’t.. I also have to mention here that Goyal definitely doesn’t deserve the wingman position.. my cry of 12 o’ clock was met by a “Huh? Whoa? What?!!”.. we did end up changing our table however.. the food was very good, especially the daal.. though the service was crazy and the waiters a little eccentric!! Though Sudeep said that they were better than most places, so I’m just wondering if Hyd has lower standards or something..

We hit a pub near our house post dinner.. dhik-chak music but the DJ was mixing well.. and there was a Sachin masterpiece on ESPN.. we just got in a pitcher of beer that Goyal and I piled on.. we spent about an hour and a half there.. and then headed home.. we never reached there as Oracle beckoned.. we went straight to the games room.. I was all for a BITS (Beer In The System) vs Non-BITS doubles match but Thax wasn’t in the mood for TT. So the other 3 of us alternated in singles matches.. I won both my matches (beat Sudeep more by fluke though) and both of us took sometime figuring out Goyal’s funky serve.. but in the end, Goyal was down a 0 – 2 score.. not that it mattered, Thax beat all of us at pool (I can hear lots of “yeah right”s!!!).. we headed out, took a drive around the tech city and reached home.. in the next 15 min, Thax and Sudeep had crashed.. Goyal and I dug into the couple of beer bottles we had left over from yesterday.. TV, lachha and beer.. at about 3, we both too slept off.

The next morning was a very lazy one.. characteristically us!! Sudeep’s b’day treat had to happen at lunch and venue had been pre-decided. Though we got lost on our way there, the usual parking-was-to-the-left-when-Thax-had-said-right happened.. but we finally did reach the place. The start was bad as they served the crappiest hot and sour soup I’ve ever had.. but the veg kabab was really good.. and everything after that was pretty nice too. They added some sort of rose flavour to the lassi but that too wasn’t like the now-famous Mirinda experience!!

We decided to spend the next few hours bowling. The first game was very keely contested.. the pendulum spun everywhich way.. and it came down to the final shot. Needing 8 of the last frame to overtake Sudeep, I scored a spare and won it :D.. as addictive as bowling is, we decided we wanted to play again. This time I was on fire (if I may say so myself ;)).. two strikes in the 2nd and 3rd frames gave me a comfortable lead.. Sudeep was particularly unlucky in this one, he bowled 3 gutter balls after all 3 of his spares.. I ended up with my all-time high score of 134.. this was a good sports weekend for me 😀

(Thank you Wikipedia for all the bowling terminology!!)

We got Sudeep’s cake from Deli 9.. it was abso-f-ing-lutely rocking!! These guys have a cook who had made dinner.. had that while watching Mummy – 2 and India Blue vs India Red.. cake cutting happened.. some face-putai and the usual.. and it was time for me to leave.. these guys dropped me off and the journey to the bus pickup point was the only time that the “shotgun” call was vetoed by the driver (i.e. Sudeep). Goyal had called it and Sudeep said he didn’t want him up there. This followed a particularly interesting argument between them on a previous occasion where Goyal started doing too much sideseat driving and Sudeep got irritated.. Following Goyal’s gyaan speech, I wanted to quote Shakespeare and his “It is a good divine who follows his own instruction. I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than to be one of the twenty to follow mine oen teaching” but decided to refrain. Sitting in the backseat, Thax and I exchanged grins and then Thax cheekily passed on the water bottle to them both 😀

Anyways, the time to leave had arrived.. the Raj Travels bus was punctual.. and I was off.. stuff must have happened after, Sudeep/Goyal/Thax.. maybe one of you can add a comment to this post..

Till next time.. seeya!!






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Man that was quick! Its been what 2 hrs since u reached blore?

    After Rahul left, we drove down to Infosys. Thakur wanted to show off the campus, but sadly we could barely make out nething. After a hunt for the upcoming (this is not official) LEELA palace near infosys, we got back home by 10. Thakur kept getting phone calls and he gave directions to a number of people. He was still confusing lefts with right. I was tempted to snatch the phone and ask them all to try a U-turn and not look back, but in the end only 2 people turned up. So I guess Thakur did confuse the rest neway! So at 1130 I watched the last episode of Friends before I turned 23. Bumps and more cake cutting followed. Then we played least count. Thakur tried cheating on two accounts, but was caught both times. “Duggi Chuppai…thakur hokar!” got him very irritated and we had a good laugh for about an hour. Then we dropped off Goyal at around 2 am. His flight was at 330. I woke up to a buzzing phone and found tons of missed calls. Kaushik Mukherjee called at 5am, what has IIMA done to him!


  2. Goyal Avatar

    Thax ka duggi wala kissa… Man thax acted totally like Ismail bhai… Thoda sa uksaya nahi ki Thax enthu mein aa gaya aur phir se khelne ke liye tayyar ho gaya… And as luck would have it, lost… Koi nahin Thax, aur chances milenge 🙂

  3. Pushpendra Avatar

    Good job rahul, sab kuch likh diya.. now i’ll refer this to make the hisab xls :)..

    yaar ab in logo ke saath least count nahi khelna.. abe maine duggi nahi chipai thi.. woh pahle se padi thi…

  4. thats just me Avatar
    thats just me

    No Stanza billboards… Now there is something I did not miss… 🙂
    But looks like there is lot I missed… The cake in particular looked exquisite… I hope we can make another such trip very soon…
    And all the pics you guys took totally go with the theme.. “Anything yaar!!”..

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