November – What a month!!

I just started thinking in the evening and arrived at the conclusion that November is a damn important month of the year for me. And I am trying to list down the reasons.

  • November 3rd – Birthday of the person I love the most in this world, my brother. Incidentally, also the birthday of a good buddy Anoop Sankar.
  • November 4th – For a very personal reason.
  • November 6th – Shailesh Bhai ka B’Day .
  • November 7th – I complete my one year at my present job.
  • November 17th – Birthday of two of my closest friends, Jeete and TK.
  • November 24th – Birthday of another on of my closest friends, Misra.
  • November 25th – Wedding anniversary of a cousin, Manoj. Now the wedding of another good friend, Joy.
  • November 26th – Birthday of a cousin, Nisha.

Also, November is the part of “November Rain” – my favourite song 🙂






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