Sachin, Scorsese and Sunday

Cricketing greats choose Lara over Sachin as the greatest of our era. While agree that Lara is definitely the more stylish of the two, I rate Sachin much higher for just one reason. Lara (or any other great) never had to carry the hopes of a billion people alone. There was time people used to say “Lets go home and cry. We cannot win from here on.” (actually happened in Sarjah, when Sachin mauled the Aussies) when Tendulkar was dismissed.So say all you can and rate all you can, Sachin remains there alone, head and shoulders above all greats (probably just a tad bit below the Don though.) Here is something that explains it all, from JaiArjun Singh,

But Tendulkar is a batsman in a sport that thrives on them. Even his worst critics, even those who denounce him in the final analysis as being a false god, will – if only years after his retirement – find it somewhere in their embittered hearts to acknowledge that there was a time, however brief, when he brightened their gloomiest hours like no one else could.

I might probably watch The Departed (#62 on IMDB Top 250) today. It has been rated as the greatest Scorsese movie after the Goodfellas (#22 on IMDB Top 250). Review after I am done with it. Even if it is half as good, it would be worth the money I spend on it.

Last but not the least. Ending it with a quote for the day from the movie Good Will Hunting.

Lambeau: Sometimes I wish I had never met you. Because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.



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