Long Weekend

Tomorrow I would be taking a day off while being in Gurgaon after almost 1 year. Last time I did so was around December last year. Rahul is coming to Gurgaon and tomorrow also happens to be his birthday, so I plan on spending the day with him doing nothing in particular.

Day after we (me, Rahul and Bansal, TK might join) head to Jaipur to attend the marriage of a close friend, Abhijeet “Joy” Choudhury. Though sometimes irritating he is a genuinely nice chap and has been a great friend through and after my BITSian life.

Meanwhile, high on my list of songs now is Def Leppard – Long, Long Way To Go. This is one melodious song. Also playing a lot nowadays is Coldplay – Clocks. A beautiful, though haunting at times, song it is right on the top of my list of songs from Coldplay along with Trouble, Scientist, Yellow and Speed of Sound.






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