Sleep Over It

Okay. This is one wierd post. Even I don’t know why I am writing this crap.

Don’t you sometimes think that the concept of night is way over rated??

I studied in a school which was affiliated to the ICSE Board of Education. Under its syllabus was a story (don’t remember the name though) about a man stuck in a storm and a beggar woman, who gives him the support needed to spend the night, stuck in a room on a railway station, when everything else gives way. It was during the course of our discussion on this story that our teacher, (one of my all time faves!!) Ms. Gulati, told us how night gives us the time and peace to recuperate from all that we have gone through the day. Similar sentiments were echoed by Mr. Thapa (again a gem of a teacher), and there I was, a believer in the necessity of the night in our lives.

But now when I stop to think, I feel that the theory is flawed some where. During the day, you can keep your thoughts off stuff, not think about things you don’t want to. You seem to, at least temporarily, forget certain things which would otherwise be hard to dismiss. You think you are in control. But then one night, one dream, and everything comes crashing back. You again have to face the situations you did not want to face. You have to answer questions you always tried to evade. And why, because you have no control over how the subconcious brain functions while you are asleep.

I wish I had control over things I dream about. That would have made life so much more easier. Night, definitely, is highly over-rated, much like our Indian cricket team.






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