Return of the IT!!

The IT department of our company had been lying low for pretty long now, and I was kind of caught napping when they moved. Last time they did something stupid I wrote about was in February.

Digg was officially blocked by them late yesterday night. Though I agree that it does not contain business related information for us, but it is huge source of up to date IT knowhow and throws up tools every now and then which help work in several ways. One more “Message Boards and Clubs” dies a silent death. There will be only a few people who will mourn this but I am bewildered at the nonsense behind this all.

Someday, which I doubt will come, I hope they realise their mistake and understand that in a time when Web2.0 is the buzzword and collective knowledge sharing by people online (e.g., Wikipedia) is a huge hit banning such websites will only prove negative for them.

PS: This comes at a time when our department is all gripped by a new internal initiative which promises to change the way we work by the use of AJAX etc. Now this is called irony!!







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