Aur batao!!

If you and your friends find each other saying these two words over the phone a frickin’ number of times then I am reasonably sure that both of you are working.

A good friend, who I do not know why I do not speak to that much, called up late last night and as we talked she told me how there was nothing much after office to do and that life had become so bore. I told her in a long discussion (perhaps the longest I have ever talked to her on phone I guess and otherwise) that she should find out something to do. Maybe read, write, travel and most importantly do something that interests her. The punga I think is with her organization where she does not get time for herself or to do things that she likes doing, and she being the hardworking girl she is, slogs off and that frustration builds up.

I know the sign and this feeling over comes to me every couple of months and I have to do something to get over it. I regualrly go visit friends (Tk and Bharathi essentially), make it a point to meet all friends who pass through Delhi, even if it is for half an hour, and every once in a while I make trips outside the city, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Dehradun etc.

What else can one do? Any suggestions??







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