Good Weekend

Had a great weekend.

  1. Watched 300 – I would call it a decent movie. Watchable. Nothing great. The movie has awesome graphics and some midblowing sequences, like the one where a Spartan kills a Rhino, but what the movie lacks is the ability to get the audience involved in the movie. The movie has lots of blood and gore but at no moment do you find yourself squirming at it. The movie shows underdogs fighting against all odds, but at no moment do you find yourself rooting for it.
  2. Installed Windows on the home PC. Also installed Ubuntu on one of the partitions. Seems that I remember some Linux after all.
  3. Watched the Australian GP. Kimi kicked real ass in his first race with Ferrari. Gonna be fun filled season it seems. Also, Lewis Hamilton drove with purpose and seems like he is gonna give Alonso one heck of a fight. Kubica and Rosberg also drove nicely.
  4. Had loads of fun with Sam, TK, Appu, Pari, Bansal and Sachin. One of the fun filled weekends you always look forward to.

On a separate note the DL101 I had registered for on WIPO Academy sent me the certificate for successful completion of the course. Very cool I must say. Will post a scanned copy very soon.

Last, but not the least, Inzy has retired. The lazy elegance will not be seen in One day cricket any more after the World Cup. You will be missed.







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