Who’s your daddy?

With all due respects to the deceased Anna Nicole Smith, this one by Scott Adams is hilarious. He describes what Stern and Birkhead were talking outside the court after it was announced that Birkhead is the dad of Smith’s daughter.

Stern: You win, Larry. You have my full support.
Birkhead: Gosh, thanks. I didn’t expect a lawyer to be so nice.
Stern: And I’ll also help you and the kid win the legal battle with the old dead millionaire guy so your daughter will be rich.
Birkhead: I don’t know what to say.
Stern: Oh, and one more thing.
Birkhead: What?
Stern: When she turns 18, I’m going to shack up with her. This won’t be the last time she hears “Who’s your daddy?”
Birkhead: WHAT?
Stern: Let’s call today “round one.”






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