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A lot has happened over the last week or so, some happy, others sad.

I turned 24 last week and was promised a Digi SLR (Nikon D50 or Canon Digital Rebel XT) from my so generous bro 🙂 Meanwhile, my blog has been getting quite a few hits for the lyrics of the song Kuch Is Tarah posted below. Thanks Atif.

Amongst other stuff, some crazy asshole killed 33 students at Virginia Tech. Suraj’s friend Ankit is studying there, and it was not before some anxious moments that it was confirmed that he is safe. However, Prof. Loganathan and Minal weren’t luck enough. May God bless their souls. George Bush ( still defended the right to bear arms under the Second Ammendment.

Only the names change — And the numbers“, says Times of London while questioning why America still had archiac laws that allowed civilians to bear firearms.






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