Google Reader down!!

I think that the Google Reader service is down. I haven’t received any updates since morning, which is weird and near impossible. Any one else facing the same trouble??

Update 1: Mike Arrington blogs about the same problem here. Also, official post on the last outage is here. I am just praying it comes back online fast!!

Update 2: May not be true at all, but I think the entire Google RSS system is broken because the Techdirt feed on my iGoogle page has also not been updated, while the blog has two updates.

Update 3: Some updates have started appearing on Reader, though not fully. Techcrunch is still missing and so in India Uncut. Holy Cow!!

Update 4: Most of the feeds have been updated including India Uncut and Techcrunch. Also the iGoogle feeds like Cricinfo and Techdirt have also been updated. I think it is functioning normally now. How about a post on Google Reader blog to explain this?





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