What a racing weekend!

Anyone who watched the F1 race this weekend, whatever team or driver you support, I am sure went through a roller coaster of a ride.

If you liked Kimi, who I personally believe is the best on the circuit at the moment, it would have been expectation, when the race started, to despair when Lewis lead, to hope when Lewis retired, to iving up hope at the end. I was happy he had won. I was happy at his performance. But I know, even if he wins the next one in Brazil, only a bad race for Lewis can see him win the title, not really the way I would want him to win the F1 title.

If you like Alonso, this race would have started bad for you, with Lewis almost certain to win the crown with a damn good performance, to hope in the end with Lewis’ retirement. I do not know about his supporters, but I am sure he wouldn’t care about winning the championship with Lewis retiring again. Though I would be pretty content if Alonso won the championship with Lewis finishing more than 4 points behind him.

[Disclaimer: I do not like Alonso too much.]

However, the greatest shock was reserved for the Lewis fan. Had I supported him, I would have almost opened the champagne [or beer more realistically] and started celebrating. Damn that extra lap. But I do believe that the chap has it in him to win the crown on merit. So best of luck to you.

May the best man [and the machine] win!






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