Update post

Some updates on stuff that happened while I was gone. Most important – revived a friendship I think. Hope that this time it works better. Misra got promoted – Yay! I bet he has to treat. It is confirmed that Debo broke his leg. My knee is healing up. Albus Dumbledore is gay – Great!! […]

Tip of the day..

.. comes from the Jabberwock. you’re only married to each other, you haven’t magically become interchangeable organisms, ….. not sharing cellphones or email passwords is another of the tips for a successful marriage Other tips for a successful marriage here.

Daily WTF

What’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you? An ex-boyfriend helped me in waxing some parts so I could put on a very skimpy bikini. ~ says Sherlyn Chopra (aka Mona Chopra.) [Link via India Uncut] Also, an update on me. I am doing much better than before, and I would […]

I hate Gurgaon traffic!

Two accidents in three months, and none due to my mistake. Shit! Anyways I am stuck at home, thankfully though, with a friend [Debo], also injured in an accident, with a bad knee. Its healing well and I hope to be back in action soon. Meanwhile, my posting frequency might go down a bit. Drive […]

News Roundup

Don’t have much time for a full post, so a small roundup: Google goes hindi. In a related news, it also launched the Finance service for China. Do it for India – the markets have gone bonkers! Jason Calacanis analyzes the Facebook hype. It is not a Google killer. Period. And I hate some Facebook […]