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BarCamp Delhi

December 20, 2007 - Posted in Tech Posted by:

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BarCamp Delhi

BarCamp Delhi has been announced. I have heard quite a lot about such events and definitely wish to be a part of such an event. So I have signed up, and also volunteered with the task photography. I am confused why they are calling it the fourth edition, when only 2 have taken place before. Any clues anyone?

BarCamp is calling. Where are you?


Maneel 12 years ago

The third edition was organized on 8th December 2007. Probably you missed out.


Goyal 12 years ago

Hi Maneel,

Thanks. I will update the BarCamp Delhi Wiki with that information.

Also, set up a php redirect page on your website. Right now it gives a folder (Index) page.


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