Johnnie Walker advert..

I am a sucker for good sports writing. And below is a nugget I stumbled upon the web. Link via Cricinfo – The Surfer.

Laxman’s walk to the crease is all purposeful, rolling-shouldered, Johnnie Walker advert. Once there, he combines a stillness of demeanour with a bustle of run-seeking. Unlike in Sydney, his innings at Perth wasn’t filled with strokes that picked the ball 13 cms from outside off and sent the disoriented thing to mid-wicket, but he could still look like he was batting for pleasure. At the end-of-day press conference, he remarked bafflingly that he enjoyed playing under pressure. Perhaps he thinks the words are synonyms.

Another one, a quote from Sir Garry Sobers, on receiving a threat from Dennis Lillee, to Ian Chappell. This one comes before the famous 245 he scored for the rest of the world against the Australian side.

Well.. he’s got the ball, and I’ve got the bat and we will see.





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