There and back..

And yes – it is one of the most satisfying feelings to have been there and done that. The fact that I was allowed to take the entire talk on Intellectual Property was an added sweetener to the whole situation. The moment I stood up to introduce myself will forever remain etched in my memory, something like the daffodils.

And though I would love to be modest, I did a damn fine job at enchanting a lot of people.

3 thoughts on “There and back..”

  1. Man – you should go there. Just before I was to get up and introduce myself, I felt so weak in the knees. I had almost rehearsed what I wanted to say there, but forgot every bit of it, and just mumbled out a general introduction. It was so much better the next time around.

    And I do not know how to pre-approve an email id for Akismet. You actually posted your first comment twice, and in quick succession and it was taken to be spam. I will have to check how this works.


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