Coldplay offers free music

Following the footsteps of a lot of musicians (Nine Inch Nails), the UK based band has decided to offer a free download of their latest single “Violet Hill” for free download from their website for a week. (Got this from Facebook.)

We’re very pleased to announce that Coldplay’s new single, Violet Hill, will be available as a free download exclusively from for one week starting tomorrow, Tuesday April 29th, at 12.15pm UK time. This is a full week ahead of the single’s conventional paid-for digital release, on Tuesday May 6th.

Way to go guys! Good music – that too for free, legally that is. Awesome! Also, they have announced a couple of free gigs in UK. Ojas, you might be interested.

Is this another nail in the coffin of the music industry? I don’t know. But this sure is a huge step in that direction.

3 thoughts on “Coldplay offers free music”

  1. Thanks mate, both for songs and the info. Shall check out sometime. British Steel (metal gods) Judas Priest are going to perform here… but that’s in June.. sometime when I will be leaving from here.

  2. Thanks once again.. the postage fee for ordering that is more than the cost of the magazine :p

    Anyway, i am glad to know that the show is going to be free, I will keep a watch on the tickets! Cheers


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