Software release names

When I was upgrading the WordPress installation, I noticed that the particular version was code named “Tyner” after McCoy Tyner, a jazz pianist. WordPress releases are mostly named after Jazz musicians, like Ella Fitzgerald, and saxophonist Stan Getz.

These codenames have always fascinated me since the good old days of Prithvi and Agni, at the Insti’s IPC – not International Patent Classification but Information Processing Center. Prithvi was the codename for the Linux server, and Agni for Unix. Vi used to be the editor of choice. Pine for email. Cat and Man were commands, rather than species name. Anyways I digress.

I was always fascinated by the way “Valhalla” used to appear on the terminal (screen) when we tried to log on to the network. And since then I have tried to follow these release names for various softwares. Below is a quick look at the names used by RedHat Linux.

  1. RHL 7.0 – Guinness
  2. RHL 7.1 – Seawolf
  3. RHL 7.3 – Valhalla
  4. RHL 8.0 – Psyche
  5. RHL 9.0 – Shrike

I think post this RedHad became Fedora, or atleast a part of it did, and they used different names. Maybe I will follow up with some other interesting ones later (Ubuntu follows a cool method).






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