LinkedIn Reccos

LinkedIn is a great professional networking tool. I have used it often to get answers to professional queries, and have also benefitted from the questions and answers posted by others. However, I was checking up something today when I saw this strange trend where people reccomend someone else, and the same set of people reccomend […]

Apping Update

The schools have been shortlisted, and the real work begins with some 25 odd essays to be written. I am applying at a mix of schools ranked between 10 and 40 by FT – and the ranking was not my criteria. Though required, I am amazed at the kind of questions that schools frame for […]


.. to all the teachers who ever taught me. You folks have made me what I am today. Some that deserve special mention (in no particular order) are Mrs. Gulati, Mrs. Das, Father VT Jose, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Francis (all from Don Bosco, Siliguri), Mr. Upadhyay (BPS, Pilani), and Dr. D (AKD) and Mrs. […]