Changes at workplace!!

Suddenly out of nowhere, we got an email yesterday about a session where we had to represent our group in a short session where we would have to speak on a common topic. Though the entire exercise seemed a lot of fun, the kind of work schedule I am facing did not make it a welcome act.

Anyway, the topic is “Work place changes that will enhance my potential“. I thought about it last night, and here is what I could come up with.

  1. IT – Suspend stupid rules, remove bottlenecks, simplify workflow, etc, etc…
  2. Engage us – Come on, a debrief of the last month to the Managers and above will create transparency and build trust.
  3. Work from home – at least 2-4 days a month.
  4. Did I say IT – Remove that stupid wallpaper, and the forced screensaver – they are insulting!!

What do you think would help you?






2 responses to “Changes at workplace!!”

  1. Ojas Avatar

    You more or less said it all man! I’d say put that “Sabbatical Break” in practice (yet another super cost cutting measure I tell ya!) and please please please bring us back to cyberpark 😀

  2. Goyal Avatar

    Totally agree with the Sabbatical and Cyberpark thing. I say re-locate entire IP at Cyberpark. Better interaction, more fun, more work.

    Oh, and I forgot – ban email distribution lists!! And stupid people. And e-learning modules.

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