This guy is awesome. Actually, he is beyond awesome. He is the only other cricketer of the current bunch, after the God of course, I would pay to watch play. He wields the willow like no one, and scores his at will.

He is one off the old block. Days when cricket was not entertainment (no T20 tamasha), even though his game is very entertaining. Days when people loathed getting their clothes dirty. Days when saving a single was not too essential. When people did not want to slide across the field.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not against fit players, I am huge Jonty fan – but then, he did save more runs every innings than some middle order score. I have always believed that though fitness is essential, it should not be the focus. Boon proved it. Arvinda De Silva proved it. Ranatunga walked singles. Inzy bhai did not care about single. Actually he did not need to. Why run singles when you can easily score boundaries. Even though Sehwag ain’t built the same way, he plays in a similar fashion. He isn’t too enthued about running, or warm-ups, or too much of fitness nonsense. He sees the ball, he knows he needs to score, and does exactly that.

As for me, as long as he keeps playing like he did during his 195 at the MCG or the 83 at Chennai against the Poms, I don’t care. He is, without doubt, the most entertaining batsman in cricket today.

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