Ten Random Things

Rules of the game: Check if your name is at the end of this blog post. If so, type out a similar blog copy-pasting these rules. After that, list down 10 random things about yourself (that many do not know) and then tag 5 more people who have to do the same.

My List:

  1. I love doing nothing, and I mean nothing. Not even thinking. Just sit down and do nothing.
  2. I love walking. Also, I almost walk like Morpheus does in The Matrix – supremely aware of the people around me.
  3. Unlike Parul, I love being barefeet. In fact, I take off shoes at office in evenings. Once I almost got caught by our COO walking barefeet in office while he was showing clients around.
  4. I still can’t explain to my dad what I do for a living.
  5. I have a very short attention span. I can not work on something for very long.
  6. I am very bad with names – they just don’t stick.
  7. I love good music, but I hate musicals.
  8. I am a very light sleeper, and wake up to cellphones on vibration modes, and snores.
  9. I don’t understand why “Big Daddy” or “Independence Day” aren’t on the IMDB Top 250. For that matter I don’t understand why “A Clockwork Orange” is on it.
  10. I am a very biased person when it comes to liking sportspersons. I hate the Australian cricket team other than Warne and Lee. I like Schumi and hate Alonso. And I worship Tendulkar.

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4 responses to “Ten Random Things”

  1. Arpit Avatar

    Random but bang on observations for CC. You could have added more. I think some of the very prominent ones are missing.

  2. Goyal Avatar

    @Arpit – Bugger. These are not for CC. These are for me. CC is supposed to write his own.

  3. Goyal Avatar

    No problemo!!

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