Review: Waltz with Bashir

“An animated documentary? Wow! Wonder how this will turn out.”

These were the exact thoughts that went through my brain as I sat down to watch this movie. Its does not have the best animation ever, but sort of an experimental overlap between rotoscoping and one of the Animatrix movies, I don’t remember the exact one though.

However, the movie is not about the animation, its about the war. As Folman looks back into his past, trying to remember the events that triggered his traumatic dreams, we are slowly introduced to the madness that is war, and the effects it has on either party. Young, impressionable minds that are thrown into carnage situation and often commit crimes in situations beyond their comprehension. There is a moment where a soldier sees his reflection in the eyes of a dead horse. It makes you cringe. Another one where a soldier performs a Waltz (I guess the movie gets its name from this scence), while still firing a MAG, makes you wonder about the mental state of these soldiers.

The movie finally comes to conclusion with an elaborate description of the massacre as you lie mortified. It reminds you of The Pianist and the Schindler’s List. The ending is surreal, and the image of the girl with the curly hair remains embedded in your mind for a long time after you have watched the movie.

Highly recommended!!







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