Some people just don’t learn

After the Vista fiasco, I hoped Microsoft would learn. But guess what – they haven’t!!

The new Windows 7 is all set to be released in 6 different versions. Aren’t we all pissed with the nonsense?? Don’t you get it?? The Home Premium version, which would set you back by USD 260, does not offer Remote Desktop. Are you f$$$ing kidding me?? And don’t even get me started about the Starter version that will only allow three apps concurrently. So AntiVirus, Music Player, FireFox, and… wait. You have reached a limit and can’t run Word. Bummer.

Let me spell it out for you folks – let there be a single version. Now stop smoking that thing you borrowed from Phelps, and chant with me.

One Version to rule them all, One Version to find them,
One Version to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!!





2 responses to “Some people just don’t learn”

  1. Rahul Avatar

    Agreed.. at max, I can tolerate 2.. home and professional.. enterprise should just be a bulk licensing deal on the professional, not a different version altogether!

    The “Starter” is for those mini-notebooks I hear. I don’t know what the used-cases for those machines are but 3 apps concurrent seems too restrictive.. and they should have just called it “Mini” or something.. “Starter” makes it seem like they’re exposing it as a trial version for standard PCs and that just wouldn’t work with 3 concurrent apps.. no one installs an OS trial version.

    And does anyone else think they’re going about it the wrong way?! For smaller machines, we won’t make the memory footprint of our OS smaller.. we’ll just not let you run that many apps on it.. less apps means less RAM usage, so there’s more for the hogger OS to work with!!

    1. Goyal Avatar

      Totally agree with the two versions. Even in that the basics should be same at both places – Vista home does not allow you to create a home network.

      And restricting concurrent apps is utter nonsense.

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