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After slightly over a month, I will have come to the end of an amazing time at my current job, and start as a student at the Indian School of Business. Does that scare me? Yes. It’s natural. Not the best time to risk a stable job, and take on a lot of loan. But hey, I am up for it and hope it will be good. And hope, you know it’s a good thing.

As with Rahul, enthu at work has been low for me too. I had started moving out of an active role on most projects for the past couple of months, and am now just picking up small duration projects which I want to complete before I leave. It is wierd to go to the office when everyone knows I will be leaving in a month’s time and gives you the wierd look.

Most often people think you work hard because you like doing it, but that’s not entirely true. You do it because of the satisfaction a challenging project/task provides. I remember the feeling after the first good client feedback after I took up the challenge of building our Chem search team. That was something. Of course, I had some of the smartest people working with me and that made the task that much more enjoyable.

I hope I still able to motivate myself during this last 5 weeks, and keep myself going.






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