The feeling…

… has begun to sink in. 

I told my first major client that I will be taking a break only yesterday. It was not a one I was emotionally close to, and it did not hurt as much.

Today, however, I informed a client, that I am personally very close to, that I will be leaving. It was a client that I helped develop. A client who allowed me to experiment. A client who taught a lot to me. And a client with a heart of gold. I could always get a good laugh from them. They always had a kind word, and always asked how I was doing. You guys are amazing.

Tomorrow is going to be worse. I will be informing my largest client of my move. The client I actually spent a lot of time working (I haven’t done much of it at EVS btw), and have seen growing to become one of our largest client. It was while working with this client that I formed some of the finest friendships at work. People I trust. People who trust me.

It is a shitty feeling. And it is not the work that I will miss. It will be people, on both sides, who I will miss. The client who genuinely appreciates your work. The co-workers who are ready to help me whenever required. Friends who were more eager about my app results than I was.

This is to everyone who I have worked with. Thanks people. I will miss you!!






3 responses to “The feeling…”

  1. Akanksha Avatar

    🙂 wonderful people waiting for you here as well 😛
    cheer up!

  2. Goyal Avatar

    @Akanksha: I wonder who you are talking about??

  3. Ojas Avatar


    I concur


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