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Moments to cherish…

March 26, 2009 - Posted in Personal Posted by:

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Just looking back at a couple of times from the many that I will cherish forever from the last three and half years at work. There are many more, but these are the ones most prominent in memory, as I go to work for the last time, for a year, tomorrow. Thanks to all my colleagues – you guys have been legendary!!

Where were you when India won the T20 World Cup?

I remember it very clearly. Conference Room 1, Tower A. With the Chemistry team, attending a Questel webinar on optimizing the use of the MMS database. Akshat was there. So were Nachi, Bala, Bong and others. It was one awesome evening. Listening to updates on the phone, and running all the way to Don’s house for the presentation!! Thanks guys!! The Chem team rocked!!

The first ever late night for a deliverable.

I think we were barely a month into our jobs at Evalueserve. Staffed on an urgent project from a large prospect. We had completed our share of the work, when the BR half of the work came in, under prepared. A decision was made. Me and Anoop stuck with research. Nawani and Charul worked on the final deliverable. We worked till 3 in the night. And a deliverable was sent, which the client appreciated. And Nawani treated us to lunch the next day. Oh, and we also took recruitment interviews the next day. Brilliant!!

The Big B.

20 people, one client, three months. And we came out of it very strong!! This was the big project. The big client. The brilliant organization of work.  The client became a regular, and all the people who worked on it, great friends. Special thanks to Pooja. Wouldn’t have been possible without her. Gogo, Sanchita, Praguna, Namita, Ankur, Mohunta, Shivangi, Mrinal, Manju, Akanksha, and I am still missing many more. You name the person, and he would have worked on it. Thanks a ton everyone!!

PS: Cherish was also the topic for my ISB pre-interview essay!!


Rhiannon 11 years ago

🙂 🙂 all smiles lol!

You are surely going to be missed!

Make the most of this day!


Goyal 11 years ago

@Rhiannon Thanks!! I don’t know if I will be missed, but I will definitely miss the people.


Rahul 11 years ago

Good post :).. what’s the plan now.. you head home for a bit? Also, what is the ISB pre-interview essay?


Goyal 11 years ago

@Rahul: Heading home tomorrow for about 10 days. And then will reach Hyd on 11th and start the grind!!!


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