These are mad times we live in! Mad!

The scariest semester at ISB is upon us. Term 3 is expected to be one hell of a ride, with more than one submission due everyday, or so I hear. Hopefully I will live to tell the tales!!

The term 2 break was used creatively. Completed the Comp Strat project report, and learned a lot about the pharmaceutical industry in the process. Watched some crappy movies like “Hitman” and “Chaos”‘.

Also watched “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince“. The movie was a letdown, and I would rate it 3 on 5. Somehow I feel that short movies do not do justice to such books. However, the movie has some sparks of brilliance. Helena Bonham Carter is the highlight of the movie, as she plays Bellatrix Lestrange to perfection. Michael Gambon’s part is also good. Emma Watson is brilliant, and is still being swooned over.

PS: The title of the post is from the Harry Potter movie – just in case you wondered.






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