Sleepless in Hyderabad

Today will be my first night out at ISB. And from what I hear, it is definitely not the last one. And to imagine that it is only the second day of the third term!! How the rest of the term pans out is a scary thought!!

Anyhoo. It seems that there is supposed to be a total solar eclipse today, and that doesn’t happen for another century or so. I somehow seem to miss totality everytime. In ’95 it did not pass through Siliguri, and now Hyd misses it, while I think Siliguri is pretty close to it. Even then I think I will catch up with Mr. Rahu for a while, and then take a nap.

However, Hyderabad has been experiencing pretty amazing weather over the past month or so, and today has been no different. Rains have brought the temperature down significantly, and the skies remain pretty clouded. How successful the eclipse watch is going to be, only time will tell.





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