Convert Number to Words in Indian Currency

It would be an understatement to say that I totally adore MS Office, Excel in particular. It simplifies my life at office, and VBA Macros are a huge blessing!

I was looking to convert numbers to words in the Indian currency system and the first hit I got was this particular link from MS Office Support (now you know why I love MS Office!). However, this is suited more to the western number system, and I had to modify it a little to get it to work for me.

You can download the add-in from this link –> SpellNumber.

To install (in Excel 2003):

  1. Save the xla file in the folder below: C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns
  2. Start Excel -> Open a new file
  3. Go to Tools->Add-Ins->Browse
  4. Select SpellNumber.xla and hit Ok
  5. In the Add-Ins available dialog box, select (tick checkbox) the Spellnumber Add-In
  6. For using: In the cell, use the command =SpellNumber(cell reference)

Do let me know if this helpful!

PS: Updated to remove a major bug.





3 responses to “Convert Number to Words in Indian Currency”

  1. balram singh Avatar
    balram singh

    Sir, You are very intelligent. It is my fortune that I have looked your formula to convert number in to indian INR.

    We are success to complete our project with your support only.

    With warm regards and best wishes to you,

    Balram Singh

  2. Deepu Avatar

    The code is good. But 100s are also being written as thousand.


    THANKS BOSS…..U did great work…!!!!!!!!1

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