I want what Hussey is smoking!

We need to get up to make sure we’re fourth to get into that. We’ve got a couple of years to continue the curve of getting better every time. I think our team is getting better all the time,” Hussey said.

Overall – Australia
year 20074231415060.896
year 200814811016935.1019
year 200913763716039.5615
year 20108463520934.089
Mike Hussey
MatRunsHSBat Av100
year 2007437413374.802
year 20081490014637.502
year 20091380412136.541
year 20108442134*36.831
Ricky Ponting
MatRunsHSBat Av100
year 200741925638.400
year 200814118215847.284
year 20091385315038.771
year 2010870020946.661

Yep, that must be it. Australia, Hussey, and Ponting must be getting better all the time!!

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