Oscars 2011

The ones that I have watched, rating, and some comments.

  1. Black Swan – (8/10) – Natalie Portman deserves the Best Actress Oscar for this one. Awesome performance! Mila Kunis was good too. Also, Darren Aronofsky should get the Best Director.
  2. The Fighter – (8/10) – Christian Bale so deserves the Best Supporting Actor for this one. Mark Whalberg is good too.
  3. Inception – (9/10) – Wow! Nolan and DiCaprio weave magic. But won’t win. Too nerdy for its own good!
  4. The Kids Are Alright – (7.5/10) – Good watch. The dude looks and acts like Abhay Deol 😛
  5. The King’s Speech – (8.5/10) – Brilliant!! Colin Firth is in line for the Best Actor.
  6. Toy Story 3 – (9/10) – One of the best trilogies, ever! Did you eyes not become moist towards the end?
  7. True Grit (7/10) – Good watch, not Oscar material though. Hailee Steinfeld is good and might bag the Best Supporting Actress.

My choice for Best Movie so far would be Inception or Toy Story 3. But Inception is old, and Toy Story 3, well, animated, so they won’t get it. Black Swan would be my bet so far.

The ones I haven’t watched, but should over the weekend.

  1. 127 Hours
  2. The Social Network
  3. Winter’s Bone.


6 responses to “Oscars 2011”

  1. Raj Gaurav Asthana Avatar

    Watch The Social Network for sure! Its really good. I have to watch Black Swan.

  2. Goyal Avatar

    Yeah, downloaded already. Will watch. Black Swan is mesmerizing and hauntingly sad too.

  3. Rahul Avatar

    Agree with most.. but I was so bored during periods of True Grit! Tune hall mein dekhi? Maybe it’s tolerable on the laptop but a movie that’s up for Best Movie Oscar should be gripping in the movie hall as well!

  4. Goyal Avatar

    @Rahul: As I said, good (should have added one time also) watch. I watched all of them on the laptop.

  5. Praguna Avatar

    Inception and The Social Network are the best movies so far. You will surely love TSN, I still could’nt get enough of it, had already watched it thrice.
    Do let me know how you find it?

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