The Best of Coke Studio

The long standing dream of an Indian version of Coke Studio is finally coming true. The only glitch, MTV (which has long stopped standing for Music TV) is associated with it, and that sends shivers down my spine.

Anyway, last night was spent listening to a lot of it, and I thought I would try and rate my faves from it.

The best one, Aik Alif by Saieen Zahoor and Noori. There are three distinct phases in the song, and Saieen Zahoor brings the sufi charm to it.

Next up, Alif Allah by Arif Lohar and Meesha Saafi. Actually Arif Lohar is so damn good that Meesha is reduced to a background singer. His singing, his chimta, and his expression. One word – awesome!

Allah Hu, by Ali Zafar and Tufail Ahmed is next one. There is this very hallucinogenic feel to the song. Is especially awesome during late night psenti sessions.

Durr by Strings and Ustad Gullu. Awesome mix, and love the extended vocals.

Rona Chor Diya by Zeb & Haniya and Javed Bashir. How can one not like this one?? Javed Bashir is brilliant, and so is Zeb.

Titiliyaan by Strings. Can’t think of a more melodious song.

Husn-e-haqiqi by Arieb Azhar. The lyrics. The performance. The crescendo!

Dastaan-e-ishq by Ali Azhar. The emotions. The choking. The flute.

Honorable mention: Saari Raat by Noori.

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4 responses to “The Best of Coke Studio”

  1. Tarun Kumar Bansal Avatar
    Tarun Kumar Bansal

    all of them awesome….nice selection – thanks for the good time

  2. Goyal Avatar

    Bansal saale – shaadi hote hi bhool gaya!! Naye dost khojne padenge mujhe!!

  3. Sharjeel Avatar

    Not sure how coke studio will thrive in India? Bollywood has done everything in its power to kill any traces of independent pop music in India.

    Thanks for the list, i wanted a selection of coke studio songs for a cd im making to listen in my car 🙂 I would also add:

    Bibi Sanam Jaanam by Zeb & H

    Dana Pe Dana by Akhtar Chanal and Komal Rizvi. It’s an old folk song from Balochistan (one of pak’s provinces)

    Also Ni Oothaan Waale by Ataullah Esa Khelvi (if youre into punjabi)

  4. Teanju Avatar

    Thanks, All awesome

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