From an old post by Rahul:

Goyal is this chap who always, always has the right ideas… but somehow in trying to convey them, he sometimes ends up saying something that is so wrong that he takes your mind off the basic idea he was trying to convey… by his own admission, “[he’s] not good at expressing himself”… anyways, if something in that previous Goyal post pricked your eye, try looking deeper, don’t go by the arguments too much… and he’ll start to make sense because he means the right thing…

So this blog is more about expressing myself while trying to make sense than anything else.

DBS, Siliguri -> BPS, Pilani -> BITS, Pilani -> Evalueserve, Gurgaon -> ISB, Hyderabad

Well, the chain above kind of sums up my life so far. I am a Biologist by education, and aspire to be a techie. Basically, I keep reading a lot and this blog is to keep track of the more interesting stuff I come across.

I love movies (Godfather, LOTR, To Kill a MockingBird etc.), music (Rock, Fusion, Classical etc.), sports (F-1, Cricket, BasketBall etc.) and reading (Godfather, LOTR, To Kill a MockingBird etc).

I love technology, gadgets and things interesting. I track more than 100 blogs in my Google Reader and also am a regular visitor to Digg Tech page.

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