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  • On Story Telling

    Got this gem from Natasha Badhwar, who is a gifted story teller herself, on Twitter (follow her now). The quotes below are from Steve McCurry‘s (of the iconic Afghan Girl photo fame) wonderful blog. The story was the bushman’s most sacred possession. These people knew what we do not; that without a story you have not got…

  • Why backup?

    I should have known better!! When I became the webmaster for the ISB Student’s Blog, the first thing I did was install the WordPress DB Backup plugin. I also tested it then, and it worked. So I assumed all was fine. Anyway, last month our hosting ran out due to non-payment of fees, and the…

  • The blog has undergone a change

    The blog has undergone a major change, and it is more functional than cosmetic. I have realized that I don’t have time or patience to write longer posts given the time, and hence starting on this P2 theme. It feels more like Twitter, and I hope I am able to post more often 🙂

  • WP Upgrade

    Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2 and also updated the Twitter Tool plugin. By the way, the WordPress 2.7 has auto upgrade from within the admin area. Now that is a nice step ahead, and also a logical progression of the plugin updater. Also, that means that the cPanel becomes almost useless for me. I would also…

  • IP Blawg Search

    After dragging my feet on it for ages now, I finally got around creating an IP Blog Search engine using the Google Custom Search. You can access the search engine here. I got the list of blogs for the search engine here.