Five years and counting…

Just realized that it has been more than 5 years since I wrote my first post. Here’s to many more to come 🙂

I am back

… after a brief hiatus. I have been away for almost a month, mostly due to increased work load. But I am firmly and surely back again. I recount below some of the more interesting things that have happened over the past month. 1. BarCamp Delhi 4 was attended. It was my first BarCamp and […]

Troll Tracker – tracked!

The now famous Patent Troll Tracker has been identified by some one, and he has revealed himself on his blog. I added this blog to my Google Reader way back, and ever since he has been a fantastic blogger and has come up with brilliant posts. It’s a shame he was forced to disclose his […]

And Scoble joins Fast Company

I like the guy and his interview style. Have liked a lot of his videos. Specially the one with Jonathan Schwartz (who, btw, I think rocks. Check out his blog post on acquisition of MySQL – at 5 in the morning from a CEO – super cool!). And love this bit from his post. Life […]

Apple screws up

All my friends know that I am an Apple fanboy (who doesn’t own any apply product btw!), and one of the fiercest defenders of their policies. But I guess that this time, they have gone over board and have truly screwed up. Think Secret is gone, and so is a source of free publicity for […]