How to behave on the Web2.0?

Ever had a client add you on a social network, or wanted to do vice-versa, and did not know whether it would be appropriate?

Well, the nice folks over at Edelman have published a company policy for its employees, which can be accessed here. I must say that most organizations would agree with the policies, with minor modifications at best. Personally speaking too, I support the rules laid down by them.

Best of all, I like the last rule.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t also speak in a human voice.

Kicking some serious troll ass!

Jonathan Schwartz, my favourite CEO blogger, goes out and kicks some serious NetApp ass here.

So later this week, we’re going to use our defensive portfolio to respond to Network Appliance, filing a comprehensive reciprocal suit. As a part of this suit, we are requesting a permanent injunction to remove all of their filer products from the marketplace, and are examining the original NFS license – on which Network Appliance was started. By opting to litigate vs. innovate, they are disrupting their customers and employees across the world.

In addition to seeking the removal of their products from the marketplace, we will be going after sizable monetary damages. And I am committing that Sun will donate half of those proceeds to the leading institutions promoting free software and patent reform (in specific, The Software Freedom Law Center and the Peer to Patent initiative), and to the legal defense of free software innovators.

To be fair, NetApp says Sun sued first and they responded. But what I like about the whole saga is the intelligent use of his blog by JS. He manages to convince you that the are all good and NetApps all evil.

Go Jonathan. You rock boy!

News Roundup

Don’t have much time for a full post, so a small roundup:

  • Google goes hindi. In a related news, it also launched the Finance service for China. Do it for India – the markets have gone bonkers!
  • Jason Calacanis analyzes the Facebook hype. It is not a Google killer. Period. And I hate some Facebook apps that allow people to chuck things at me.
  • Daily WTF – Copyright stupidity – Act One.
  • Daily WTF – Copyright stupidity – the Grand Act. Sue a Durga Puja pandal of all things!!

Corporate Blogging

According to reports, SonyBMG in UK and Ireland “has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively.” The company clarifies, “you won’t be sacked for failing to blog“, but added, rather ominously: “If you don’t blog, it’s going to be frowned upon. Ged has made it clear that staff are expected to blog and participate in the community. He sees it as part of people’s jobs.”

Though I think it is way overboard and forces people to do stuff they shouldn’t be forced to, it also reflects how seriously the corporate world takes blogging. I wish however, that they changed “has made it obligatory” with “will encourage”. Blogging as a part of job profile – interesting!!