Happy New Year

2008 has been an eventful year to say the least. It begun with an awesome party at my last place. We have since moved to a nice little place and have had a couple of fun parties there too 🙂 Work was fun. Some friends moved on from Evalueserve to seek a different career path […]

And it rained..

I have lived at in my current apartment complex for almost three months, and have almost never seen anyone else outside, except in the morning. But it rained today and it brought a lot of people out of their homes. The old gentleman trying to cover the stuff lying in the balcony. The neighbour and […]

Tweets on 2008-04-22

We were out of Dor-i-tos! And I am out of all/any energy 🙁 # Coffee always helps 🙂 # Ye na thi humari kismat ke visaal-e-yaar hota Agar aur jeete rehte yahi intezaar hota… # Total Ghalib mood today 🙂 # Someone save me from all the metrosexuality # Symonds gone to a bad […]

Tweets on 2008-04-18

Sach toh yeh hai kasoor apana hain, Chaand ko chuune ki tamanna ki… # About to watch GodFather II – Have waited a long time for it.. #

Tweets on 2008-04-17

I did not want to work for the entire day today and yet I am still at office 🙁 # WTF headline of the day – Suicide bomber kills 42 at funeral # @akshatt Is the free WiFi still 1MBps??? #