Tweets on 2008-04-16

@akshatt Thanks for the wishes – Long nights you’ve had!! # @akshatt – this is what you want – # @akshatt Dude relax – some people are morons – think of the Vaio back home and the 1MBps connection!! # Bernardo’s – Here we come!! # Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Rocks!! #

Tweets on 2008-04-15

@akshatt Congrats on the Vaio man!! # Brilliant new blog discovered by total luck – # Cool video – Kenya Sings Indian Anthem # Last 15 mins of the 24th year of my life! #

Tweets on 2008-04-14

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 – looks nice. However – some incompatibility in the Twitter plugin – lots of useless tweets 🙁 # Fixed the JavaScript in Wiki slightly. It still needs a lot of improvement but most of it is done! I am damn good 🙂 # Wiki table sorting JS fixed!! Awesome – I […]

Tweets on 2008-04-13

Serious WTF here # India already won on the 3rd day!! Stupefied.. #

Self betterment for greater good

The study published here proposes that individualistic actions on behalf of people prevent a larger group of people from greater fluctations. One thing is always true, the more individualistic the behaviour of those involved in the market is, the more stable the whole system becomes. The compare youth hostel showers to equity markets (or any […]