Weekend Roundup

This one promises to be a less than an exciting weekend. I have already spent my day today doing grocery shopping and completing some banking tasks. Also, spent the later half of the day watching “When Harry Met Sally” and the Turkish GP Qualifying. With Ferrari and McLaren taking the top spots again, it promises […]

I am back..

.. from the short vacation, full of eating and sleeping and doing nothing else. I did click some snaps from the aeroplane, and while the look nice on the LCD preview, I do not know how they have actually turned out. Will check and post if possible. Meanwhile, I have unsubscribed from the Freakonomics blog […]

Happy Friendship Day

To all my friends, a very happy friendship day. Thanks for everything, and I am extremely sorry for any pain I have caused, intentionally or otherwise.

Some updates

I have been terribly busy over the past few weeks and the next couple are not going to be any different. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits from the recent past. Came across an interesting mail from Anu Vaidyanathan, the interesting bit being her mail signature. Her designation at PatNMarks is “CEO and Chief Herder of […]

Lucky Number Seven

It is once in a lifetime event. 07:07:07 on 07/07/07 Lets hope that the Taj makes it to the new seven wonders list.