Soccer in Sun and Shadow: Mini Review

You can’t write enough about a book that begins with, “We lost, we won, Either way we had fun.” In the book, Eduardo Galeano takes you through a brief history of football (soccer to him) through the last century, inter woven with a lot of social commentary. You get goosebumps reading his description of certain […]

Office 2010 – worth it??

Anyone who knows me decently well, knows my hatred for all things MS on one hand, and the extreme love for MS Office on the other. I think that Office is one of the most useful piece of software ever written. Anyway, the generous folks at MS were good enough to give me a copy […]

Random Notes

Some random notes from the extended weekend I am enjoying. Andrew Symonds is an idiot. Why would you call another player a “lump of shit”? That too on air. That too when you take offense at someone calling you a monkey. And that comment about Hayden’s wife. Funny, but not done!! Slumdog Millionaire is a […]

Raging Bull – Review

There is a huge difference between other boxing movies like “Rocky” and “Cinderella Man“, and “Raging Bull“.  While Rocky and James Braddock are shown to be entirely white characters, Raging Bull portrays Jake LaMotta as a failable human being. Somewhat like a Shakespearean character, with a mix of black and white, a grey character. The […]

Shoot ‘em Up

Worst movie in my memory. Even Yaadein was better. The 7.5 rating on IMDB is a joke and I personally think that it does not even deserve a 2! Some brilliant scenes – Kills a villain by stabbing in the eye with a carrot. Yes, you read that right, a carrot. Hurts 4 people by […]